Welcome to CIS – Collection, Investigation and Security Aid

CIS – Collection, Investigation and Security Aid provides a range of specialised services to businesses to ensure their financial protection, as well as security and personal safety services. We have an extensive network of law enforcement agencies, resources and experience necessary to provide successful results. Our own agents frequently undergo training and are committed to your business as much as ours.

We are committed to ethically producing effective results in the best possible time frame.

Our services

CIS has the knowledge, skills and commitment to help you mitigate business risks. Our staff is highly experienced and undergo exhaustive training to ensure we can always provide a reliable and consistent service.


On induction, CIS does a thorough assessment of the property in order to provide a full security analysis that includes weak points that need to be fixed. This is followed by a security survey and finally, CIS hand-selects guards to be placed.

Corporate bouncing

CIS’ bouncers undergo thorough training to be prepared for any situation and are specifically selected for their skill and proven track records. They also provide self-defence training.

Eviction and debt collection

At CIS we understand the challenges faced by both parties of occupation and debt disputes. We directly engage with all parties concerned to ensure a thorough investigation of the infractions and issue first orders, saving our clients the hassle and ensuring a fast turn-around time.

Investigations, Tracking & Tracing

The CIS team has extensive experience in dealing with crime intelligence. We are completely hands-on, with members going undercover for thorough fact-gathering to ensure the success of the operation.

The help you need

No matter what your business or industry, your assets could be at risk. Get in touch with Collection, Investigation and Security Aid today and find out how we can help your company resolve and prevent financial and security liabilities.



We unite with our clients to form a partnership of trust and honesty.


Our clients experience
fairness in our methods
of operation.


We committed to producing successful results giving our clients the peace of mind that they deserve.